Album Cover
Self Titled (an instrumental album)
Released: May 14, 2013
Label: pfc records
Track Listing
1 Cult of Osiris
2 Transmigration Revivification
3 Salesman of Salvation
4 Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso
5 While The Children Are Gone
6 What's the Definition?
7 Beware the Coalition
8 10am
9 Chuck
10 Cauterize
11 Blueberry Headband

Liner Notes

Produced by ...soihadto... 
Tracks 1 - 7 mixed by Rahn Drewen, John Smith & Evan Sarli 
Tracks 8 - 11 mixed by Rahn Drewen & John Smith 
Track 12 mixed by Rahn Drewen 
Engineered by Rahn Drewen 
Recorded at pfc records in Millersville, MD 
Mastered at pfc records by Rahn Drewen 
Artwork by Rahn Drewen 
©2013 pfc records

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