Album Cover
Released: Jan 8, 2013
Label: pfc records
Track Listing
1 Cult of Osiris
2 Transmigration Revivification
3 Salesman of Salvation
4 Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso
5 While The Children Are Gone
6 What's the Definition?
7 Beware the Coalition
8 10am
9 Chuck
10 Cauterize
11 Blueberry Headband
12 S.O.S (Desolate Mix)

Liner Notes

Produced by ...soihadto... 
Tracks 1 - 7 mixed by Rahn Drewen, John Smith & Evan Sarli 
Tracks 8 - 11 mixed by Rahn Drewen & John Smith 
Track 12 mixed by Rahn Drewen 
Engineered by Rahn Drewen 
Recorded at pfc records in Millersville, MD 
Mastered at pfc records by Rahn Drewen 
Artwork by Rahn Drewen 
All songs by ...soihadto... except track 2 lyrics by Eileen Dougherty 
©2013 pfc records