Album Cover
The Basement Tapes
Released: Oct 18, 2005
Label: pfc records
Track Listing
1 The Plumber And The Peacock
2 Baltimore Fire, 1904
3 The Battle Of Thermopylae
4 Solar Power Ferris-wheel On A Cloudy Day
5 Urotsukidoji
6 Come And Get Me In My Sleep
7 The Day Passes
8 Searching For The Cure
9 Stoned And Stuck...Waiting For A Nebula
10 And Then The Moon Holds It's Breath
11 The Impossible Tale Of Idealism
12 Cold Desert Mountain
13 The Lies Of Rachel Albert (Part 1)
14 I Would Talk, But My Mouth Is Dry
15 Even More Mighty And Morbid
16 The Lies Of Rachel Albert (Part 2)

Liner Notes

Out of print.

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